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Queen honey bees for sale | Virginia

The kind of bees that you buy is important in the success of your beekeeping. Generally, bees are only as strong as their queen and looking at the queen bee and her laying pattern is a good indication of the success of the hive in the future. That's why it's important to select bees from a queen with strong brood patterns. Our mission is to breed and sell strong bees from queens who are prolific layers. Apiary breeding programs are every bit as complicated a science as breeding programs with other animals and livestock. We carefully watch the type of queens and bees we select to sell, giving you the best chance of success in beekeeping.

New beekeepers should wait until spring and summer months to purchase bees. This may increase your chance of success; the hive is usually at its most vulnerable stage in the winter. Our bees sell out fast in the spring, so we recommend getting on our waiting list in the fall or early winter, rather than waiting until it is too late.

Please see our "nucs for sale" or our "queen bees for sale", for more information on what we have available and our prices.


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