Honey Rustlin' Farms, LLC

Raising Honey Bees, Queens, and Raw Local Honey

Located in south, central VA

Pure Virginia Raw Honey For Sale

June 2014 - We will begin extracting honey in the next several weeks, so check in with us soon!
Our honey is selling for $7.50 per lb.

Thank you to all our faithful customers and friends for supporting the local bees this past year!

More about our apiary

Our apiary is committed to educating consumers on the benefits of raw, local honey. During the spring and summer, our bees flourish on the abundant array of Virginia wildflowers and tulip poplars. In the winter, we move our hives to Florida and extract delicious orange blossom honey for the spring. Raw honey from local beekeepers is quite different from honey found at grocery stores, much of which is imported, processed and pasturized. If you want the benefits of consuming honey that has not been treated with chemicals or heated at high temperatures, which kills off the nutrients and healthy enzymes, finding a local source of honey is a wise choice.


Honey Rustlin' Farms, LLC
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