Honey Rustlin' Farms, LLC

Raising Honey Bees, Queens, and Raw Local Honey

Located in south, central VA

Our Beekeeping Farm

Boy holding a frame of honeyHoney Rustlin' Farms is a small, sustainable apiary in southern Virginia. We help everyone from the small backyard beekeeper to those in large commercial beekeeping.

We sell bees, nucs, and queens. We are committed to raising strong, healthy bees with queen bees that have excellent brood patterns.

Educating new beekeepers - We are excited about beekeeping and will be glad to help you get started.

Selling nutritious raw honey from our 60+ bee hives. Our farm is a natural extension of the things our family believes in and an extension of our home: The way we live, what we put on our dinner table, and our health choices. We'd love to share why we got started in beekeeping. 

The Latest Happenings at Honey Rustlin' Farms:

June 2014 - We are sold out of nucs and bee hives for the year and won't have any queens available this year. Please check back with us in the spring of 2015, as we are building our suppy of bees and hives for next year.

We will begin extracting honey sometime this month or in July, but sell out very quickly. Check in with us in the next couple of weeks for honey availability.

Thanks to all our devoted customers who have supported our honey bees this year!

The Ranck family

Honey Rustlin' Farms, LLC
714 New Bethel Rd.
Meherrin, Virginia 23954
Toll Free 866-587-3362 or 434-736-0575
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