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Five Frame Nucs and 10 Frame Full Size Hives

frame of bees for sale

March 2014

SOLD OUT OF ALL NUCS AND BEES FOR THE YEAR! Thank you to all our customers for supporting our bees this spring!

Full size hives - consist of one ten frame deep hive body loaded with bees and brood, plus an empty medium super on top.

5 frame nuc hives - consist of 5 frames of bees and brood, placed into a temporary coraplast nuc box that is easy to transport. The bees will need to be transferred to a permant hive right away. There will be no frame exchange; all bees will be available for pickup in their own temporary box. Sorry, we do not ship nuc bee hives.

All bee hives are strong, healthy, and expanding quickly! They will sell fast, so call us at 434-547-7853 if you'd like to reserve them.

We sell strong bees with excellent brood patterns. What's important about a brood pattern? The ideal brood pattern is one that is solid. If the queen is not laying in every cell and the brood pattern is spotty, it's a sign that something is not right. There could be disease or the queen could be failing. We strive to raise queens that are prolific layers with good brood patterns, because it's an excellent indication to how the hive will do.



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